How to Win Photo Competitions

Here are a few tips and tricks, which should help you when entering photo competitions:

  • Read the rules and make sure you are complying with them. It is important to understand the competition’s policy on the manipulation of images and how far you can go in processing them.
  • Look at past competition winners to get a good idea of what has been successful.
  • Try to submit unusual or different photographs, so that your images stand out.
  • Make sure you don’t ignore the basics, for example, your photos should be sharp and well processed.
  • If the competition has several categories some will be more popular than others. You should try to work out which ones will be less competitive and enter those for a better chance of winning.
  • Make sure you enter well in advance of the deadline, as some websites can get slow and unresponsive towards the competition closing date when there is a mad dash from a lot of photographers to enter.

Now over to you… Good luck!

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