Taunton Flower Show

Status: Closed to entry Opening date: 01 January 2019 Closing date: 29 July 2019 Winners chosen by: Judging panel
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Taunton Flower Show

Competition summary:

Taunton flower show is the largest event of its type in the West Country. We get more than 15,000 visitors over the two days of the show in early August. The competitions marquee is at the heart of the show and the photographic competition is a key part of that. There are eight classes for photography, seven of these are "standard" classes and one is our championship class.

We offer generous prize money and there are cuts also to be one.

Lots more details on our website.

Category details:

Entries in classes 701 - 707 are print size A5 printed to edge borderless. Please fix photos to a stiff piece of A5 cardboard to prevent the photo curling. No mounts.
701 After Rain – to represent the feeling
after a rain shower or storm
702 Blue - the prime subject of the
picture should be blue
703 Splash! - A light, simple picture that
conveys the act of splashing.
704 On the Move - a picture that
conveys movement
705 Ancient - a picture with an aspect of
an old building or monument that
conveys great age
706 Flowers - a colourful picture that
features flowers
707 Engineered - a picture of something
that has been made by man
photography challenge class
708 - Open - This challenge is about capturing a winning image - there is no topic or theme.
Printed in either full colour or black and white.
Print Size - any size within the mount.
Print Paper - all photos must be printed on photographic paper.
Mounts - External dimensions must be 50cm x 40cm. Internal dimensions should suit the
photograph which can be of any size within the mount.
Backing Card/Board - Please fix photos to a stiff piece of card/board, to prevent the photo
curling. Please write your name clearly on the back.

Entry requirements:

The competition is open to all amateur photographers. There are no geographic limits and no age limits.
Entries will need to be brought to the show on 1 August 2019 for display.

Entry fee:

Classes 701-707: 50p
class 708: £1

Prize details:

Classes 701-707
first prize £7; second prize £5; third prize £3.
The Somerset County Gazette trophy is awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in these classes.
Class 708
first prize £25; second prize £15; third prize £10.
The Porter Dodson photography challenge cup will be awarded to the winner of this class.
There will also be a special prize for the best photograph in class 701-707.

Terms and Conditions

Please see the full Taunton flower show regulations on the website

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