OIE Photo Competition

Status: Closed to entry Opening date: 15 February 2019 Closing date: 15 April 2019 Winners chosen by: Judging panel
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OIE Photo Competition

Competition summary:

Clichés about animal health and welfare and the veterinary profession are numerous in the collective consciousness, and photos depicting the topic often do not capture the reality of the related activities on the ground.

It is for this reason that the OIE created an annual photo competition to highlight the work carried out by animal health and welfare actors across the world to protect animal health and promote animal welfare through the implementation of OIE International Standards.

Entry requirements:

The competition is open to members of the OIE global network, including practising veterinarians, and to veterinary students currently studying in one of the OIE’s
182 Member Countries.

Who can enter?

National delegates of an OIE member country.

National focal points of an OIE member country
Veterinarians and other employees of the Veterinary Services of an OIE Member Country*

OIE Experts (members of the Commissions, Working Groups and Ad hoc Groups and speakers who have presented a Technical Item at the General Session or at a Regional Commission)

Employees of OIE Reference Centres.

Employees of partner organisations that have a cooperation agreement with the OIE.

For students, the entry requirements for the 2019 OIE photo competition are as follows:

You must be over 18.

You must be a full-time student studying veterinary medicine at a university in an OIE Member Country in the 2018–2019 academic year

Prize details:

1) Global Prize
Each prize winner will receive the sum of €1,500.
A winner will be chosen in each of the competition’s categories:
Global Prize – OIE Network
Global Prize – Veterinary Students

2) Regional Prize
Each prize winner will receive the sum of €800.
For each of the five OIE regions, one winner will be chosen from amongst all participants, whatever their category:
Regional Prize – Africa
Regional Prize – the Americas
Regional Prize – Asia & Pacific
Regional Prize – Europe
Regional Prize – Middle East

Terms and Conditions


The photos must comply with the theme of the competition, “Animal health and welfare, beyond the cliché”, as detailed on page 1 of the competition announcement and in these rules.

The photos must not be obscene, violent, dangerous, racist, contrary to public order, likely to harm the development of minors, offend the dignity of persons or condone crimes against humanity. Photos that do not comply with this provision will be automatically excluded from the competition.

The entrant represents and warrants that:

– he/she is the author of the photo(s) entered in the competition and therefore the exclusive owner of literary and artistic rights, namely the right to the name, the right of reproduction, the right of modification, the right to display the photo publicly, and the right to disseminate it via any medium anywhere in the world;

– he/she has obtained the prior written consent of the persons identified in the entered photo(s), thus ensuring that the OIE cannot be held liable for the use of the said photo in the context of this competition.


As the author of the entered photo(s) and holder of the associated literary and artistic rights, each entrant consents, as a condition of entry for the competition, to the photo(s) being displayed at the 87th General Session in May 2019.

The entrant transfers to the OIE non-exclusive rights to use all or part of the photos (in their original or modified form), to reproduction, dissemination in any medium and display, with a mention of the author’s name in the copyright, in any communication or publishing medium.

These non-exclusive rights are granted for an unlimited period, worldwide, as from the date of submitting the entry and its acceptance by the OIE.

Entrants retain the right freely to use their photos and may at any time revoke the non-exclusive rights that they have granted to the OIE by sending a letter, dated and signed by entrants (who retain the literary and artistic rights), using a courier service with tracking and delivery against signature, to the following address:

Communication Unit
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
12, rue de Prony
75017 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 15 18 88


The deadline for completing the entry form and submitting photos is 15 April 2019 at noon (Paris time).


The OIE disclaims all liability for the content of published photos. The OIE reserves the right to disqualify any entrants who fail, wholly or partially, to comply with these rules.

No claims against the OIE will be possible except for claims for failure to comply with these rules. The OIE cannot be held liable in connection with the competition and the entrants will therefore not be entitled to claim any damages or compensation whatsoever.

The OIE disclaims all liability if for any reason a participant submitted erroneous data for his/her entry and the system does not allow the participant to enter. Incomplete entries or those with erroneous data will be disregarded.

The OIE disclaims all liability if for any reason a participant cannot access the website of the OIE Photo Competition, or cannot upload the photos.

The OIE shall not be responsible for any technical problems such as but not limited to Internet connectivity which prevent or hinder participation in the OIE Photo Competition.

No claims whatsoever against the OIE will be possible.

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