Newsletter Plus


Benefit from extended exposure in the Photo Competitions newsletter.

The pricing is for a single competition per year. Please change the quantity below if you would like to apply this add-on to multiple contests or for multiple years.



Standard Photo Competitions listings are emailed out to our users once over a one month period after opening or first being listed on the site, and once before closing, within two months of the deadline. With Newsletter Plus, you can extend this so that your contest is emailed to users twice after opening (over a two month period) and three times before closing (over a three month period). You can also give your contest an extra traffic boost when the results are announced by sending an email to any one who has “bookmarked” your contest. This is fully automated – you just need to let us know the URL of your results page and the date they will be released! Your subscribers will be retained year-on-year, meaning the number of users emailed will get bigger for each year that your contest runs!

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